Assessment Tools

PeopleTools develops assessment tools to uncover and unfold the potential of managers and employees. Through a coherent system of personality tests and cognitive testing tools, we offer a knowledge-based foundation for both recruitment and development. The tools are based on evidence-based personality theories, including Hexaco and Big Five, and create highly accurate results with high validity and reliability.

We hold certifications in Jutland and Zealand as well as abroad, upon request. See the calendar here.

We also offer games and HR tools that can be used for both team and leadership development. These do not require certification and you can find out more about them here.

If you have any questions about our certifications or tools, please contact us for a no-obligation chat.h

PeopleTools Big6

When you need a nuanced and reliable picture of a person, e.g. for employee and leadership development, recruitment, competency assessment, career counseling, performance reviews, etc.

PeopleTools Fundamental6

When you work with team or department development and want to strengthen and develop collaboration. The PeopleTools Fundamental6 profile provides the group with a fact-based foundation for understanding the differences, similarities and work preferences of the group members.

PeopleTools Cognitive

PeopleTools Cognitive is a modern and valid adaptive cognitive test that measures a test person’s potential to perform in a job based on their cognitive abilities. The adaptive elements also contribute to a better response experience.

Shadow side profile

Our Pitfall Profile is a personality test that provides an accurate picture of the particular strengths that can emerge when a person is put under pressure. The pitfalls contain strengths but also potential challenges.

2nd Opinion Profile

When you need to uncover how a person’s behavior and personality is perceived by up to three respondents, for example, in a recruitment process or a development process for key people in the company.

Leader profile

When you need to provide systematic feedback to the manager (in 360° perspective) for personal leadership development. In addition to an assessment of selected leadership competencies, the Leader Profile allows you to dive deeper into the personal factors behind a leader’s behavior.

Why use testing tools?

There is evidence that testing and profiling tools help increase the likelihood of a person succeeding in a job.

For a company or organization to be competitive, it’s important to get the right people on board and make sure they have the opportunity to perform at their very best. This places great demands on the HR department to find employees whose professional and personal skills fit – both in relation to the position, the team and the organization as a whole – and also to strengthen the potential of employees and allow them to develop, both professionally and personally. The purpose of using occupational psychology profiling tools is to ensure the best possible use of human resources in companies in order to achieve better results.

There’s a reason why profile tools are so popular. They are an essential part of any HR department’s toolbox. Whether used for recruitment, team building, development, performance reviews or optimization, the use of profiling tools helps make HR processes knowledge-based and value-adding.

By using profile tools, you create better conditions for unlocking the potential between company and employee. The profile tools create a shortcut to getting to know a person – to understand a person’s preferred work behaviors, strengths and limitations/challenges, communication style, and what motivates them.

What can you use profile tools for?

When companies and organizations use profiling tools, they gain a common language and frame of reference that can contribute to and optimize their HR processes. In hiring situations, for example, it can help clarify which competencies are desired in the position and what to focus on and ask about during the interview.

What makes PeopleTools’ profile tools unique is that they are dialog-based. We don’t believe you can put people into boxes – there are no right or wrong answers, only preferences. Therefore, the use of profiling tools is not an “end in itself”. The profile tools, on the other hand, should be seen as a tool to help structure an open and equal dialog.

The profile tools can also be used in development and optimization contexts, whether it’s for the individual employee, manager, team or organization. By gaining insight into your own, each other’s and collective strengths and weaknesses, you can construct development programs with different purposes, such as how employees utilize their strong and weak skills, how managers handle their teams in the most appropriate way, or how high-performing teams are put together in the best possible way.

The profile tools can be used both as a development tool, where you go very in-depth and ask questions - and it can also be used to create an overview when recruiting.

Why choose PeopleTools profile tools?

Unlike many other profile tools on the market, PeopleTools’ profile tools are designed for and adapted to the Danish business community, as well as the values and management traditions that characterize Danish corporate culture – public and private.

PeopleTools offers 5 profile tools: PeopleTools Big6, PeopleTools Fundamental6, Leader Profile, and 2nd Opinion Profile. In addition, we also offer cognitive testing tools, PeopleTools Cognitive, as well as 360º HR assessments. With these tools, you’re guaranteed a complete toolkit that covers every aspect of the individual employee, team and organization. The precise and dialog-based tools are easy, applicable and useful in your daily work. In addition, the combination of PeopleTools’ various profiling tools and cognitive tests can help create a complete picture.

At PeopleTools, we’re with you every step of the way: from training, to help with implementation in your organization, to consulting and support. Click on the different tools to see how we can help you.