Pitfall profile


The tool that shines a light on shadow sides

The Pitfall profile is a tool that provides valuable information about people’s behavior. It maps the inappropriate behavior patterns, that occurs when a force is “overused”. One of the fundamental understandings in a personality profile is that the more pronounced a score is on a personality trait, the more pronounced the strengths associated with the trait will be.

This also also means that when you are significant on a personality trait, the pitfalls or inappropriateness pitfalls or inappropriateness that characterize the factor will also be more pronounced.

The pitfall profile uncovers normal, individual differences and is based on research literature on subclinical features. Subclinical features are features that do not meet the diagnostic criteria for a clinical diagnosis, i.e. we are within what can be called the “normal spectrum”, however, they can still be associated with negative consequences and affect one’s personal and professional life.

Use the Pitfall Profile when you want to...

  • Create a stronger decision-making basis when hiring managers and key personnel
  • If you are particularly unsure about a candidate’s behavior and preferences in relation to a position and company culture
  • For developing leaders to gain deeper insights into their own behavior, motivation and reactions under pressure
  • Talent programs and leadership development programs to create insights into working with leadership, for example

Facts about the Pitfall Profile

Scope: 284 questions incl. PTB6

Answer: Approx. 35-40 min.

Reports: A separate pitfall profile that uncovers 12 subclinical personality traits with particular relevance to behavior under pressure

Language: Danish (soon English and Polish)

Normative profile

Certification: 1 certification day with self-study for preparation