Process tools

HR tools

PeopleTools offers and continuously develops new HR tools. Some tools deepen our person profiles and can be used as an extension of them, while others can be used independently of the profiles without a certification in the tools.

The games PeopleTwist, PeopleQuest and the Competence Cards are provided free of charge in connection with the certification in the Personal Profile.


Recruitment and development

Talent card

The Peopletools Talent Map is a set of cards used for recruitment and development. They illustrate and describe 32 personal competencies that can potentially be read via the PeopleTools People Profile, as well as the behaviors covered by the competency.

Certified users and others can purchase the cards in sets.

A kit is also provided to participants in our user seminars on recruitment.


Evolving dialogs


PeopleTwist is a tool that can help facilitate respectful and nurturing conversations about behavior, personal strengths and competencies.

The game can be used in small team discussions or for managers and employees. If the game is to be used in larger groups, multiple games can be used at once.

The game comes with three different process descriptions to inspire how the tool can be used.

The game does not require certification in PeopleTools profiles.

PeopleQuest spil

Fun and educational


With PeopleQuest, you can get to know your colleagues or team and their behavior in a fun and educational way.

The game is ideal as part of a team process and can be used independently of the Collaboration Profile. However, the game is not suitable if the team is conflict-ridden.

The game consists of 45 questions, 18 answer cards and 1 reflection card, which can be used as the end of the game.

The game is for 3-6 players and you can decide how long a game should last. However, we recommend setting aside a minimum of 30-60 minutes for the game for the best results.

The game does not require certification in PeopleTools’ People Profiles.


Nuanced perspective

Competence Blanket

When working with personal profiles, the strengths and qualities we each possess can be further unfolded with the PeopleTools Competency Map.

The rug provides a more nuanced perspective on an individual’s skills and strengths, what challenges these can bring us and how they affect our perception of others. Using the carpet further unfolds aspects that are crucial when interacting with others.

The competency map does not only work with strengths/weaknesses, but also with the development potential that is closely linked to the strengths we each already have.

The carpet can also be used individually, for coaching, performance reviews or management training.

Carpet dimensions: 1.75 x 1.75

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