About us


PeopleTools – more than 25 years of experience working with and developing occupational psychological personal profiles

PeopleTools is the name of our 6 business psychology profiling tools specifically developed for use in a Scandinavian business culture. The profiles ensure that recruitment, leadership, specialist and team development is conducted in a structured, accurate and nuanced way through a common language around personal behavior.

We offer:

  • Consultancy based on our profiles. We assist with recruitment, leadership development and team development.
  • Support for implementing the use of PeopleTools profiles in your company.
  • Certification in the use of our profiles.

PeopleTools is a member of Videnscenter for Professionel Personvurdering and we live up to their formulated standards for occupational psychological testing. Find out more here. You can read more about our ethical guidelines here.

PeopleTools is also a Humanostics Associate Partner and reseller of the cognitive testing tool PLI. You can read more about Humanostics here.

The evolution of PeopleTools

1980s: Kaalbye – Management, Organization and Collaboration starts the development of a Danish-based personal assessment tool, which becomes the foundation of what PeopleTools is today.

1990s: Lars Kolind and Vibeke Riemer gradually take over the work with the profile tool. The Personal Profile is joined by the Collaboration Profile and the Leadership Profile (360º).

2013: PeopleTools is transferred to the consultancy Mindbiz. The tools are joined by the Seller Profile, 2nd Opinion and the HR games PeopleQuest and PeopleTwist.

2020: Launch of the new person profile – PeopleTools Big 6