PeopleTools Big6 – Business-oriented personality profile


Gut feeling or data?

The PeopleTools Big6 personality profile gives you a nuanced and reliable picture of a person’s personality traits, preferred collaborative behavior, motivation, needs, talents and challenges. With the profile, you get a strong basis for comparison and a qualified and nuanced basis for decision-making, for example:

  • Leadership development, employee development, personal development and coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Developing and building teams
  • Adjusting job content and responsibilities
  • Onboarding
  • Outplacement

Through 19 factors, 6 dimensions and their interrelationships, PeopleTools Big6 sheds light on different aspects of personality and provides an objectivity that helps eliminate bias, so that decisions are based on more than gut feelings – they are factual and statistical.

Use PeopleTools Big6 when you want to...

  • Have a user-friendly and efficient profile tool that is quick and easy to implement and use
  • Have a solid and well-documented tool with high precision
  • Understand the more complex aspects of the personality that can have an impact on work
  • Uncover a manager or employee’s potential, strengths and possible development points

Facts about PeopleTools Big6

Scope: 205 questions

Answer: Approx. 30 min.

Reports: Variance Report, Extended Report (nuanced and individualized description of expected behavior), Talent Report (insight into the person’s score on 32 talents and uncovers potential to develop a given talent), Team Roles (delves into the person’s preferred roles in a team)

Languages: Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish

Normative profile with Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and international norm available

Certification: 2 certification days + 1 follow-up day

Your benefits with PeopleTools Big6

People are different: We experience things in different ways, and we also think and act in different ways. The Personal Profile puts into words how we are different and in what areas, which can make it easier to understand and act on those differences.

As individuals and companies, we become better equipped to understand ourselves, each other and why we act the way we do. This can lead to better internal communication – both by creating a common language and by accommodating the conflicts and misunderstandings that can arise from differences.

Self-assessment creates deeper insights

In the dialog, the profile factors are elaborated on for the person, who at the same time completes a self-assessment – the focus person’s own assessment of how he/she perceives him/herself on the different personality traits. The self-assessment is juxtaposed with the profile’s score.

Any differences and similarities between profile and self-assessment are elaborated in the dialog.
Using the self-assessment qualifies the understanding of the person’s behavior. The profile and in-depth dialog make it easier to summarize a person’s strengths, weaknesses and competencies in relation to job and performance requirements.

PeopleTools Big6: Personality test or personal profile?

Although many people use the term “personality test” to describe this type of profiling tool, we most often use the term “personal profile”. This is because there is no right or wrong profile. Each profile has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it’s not a test of personality where you can answer right or wrong.

The science behind the PeopleTools Big6 Personal Profile

PeopleTools Big6 is characterized by high reliability, high reliability measures and is closely aligned with recognized research on personality. The profile shares commonalities with the recognized 5-factor model (Big Five), but challenges it by identifying a 6th factor as found in the Hexaco model. This 6th factor also correlates closely with the dark personality traits, which are adapted to a Danish business context.

Validity: Are we measuring what we want to measure?

  • Construct validity supported by factor analysis with average correlation coefficient = 0.58
  • Convergent validity against HPI = 0.67
  • High face validity
  • Standardized measure of uniqueness and deviation in a person’s response

Reliability: Do we get the same result every time we measure?

  • Test-retest = 0.88
  • Cronbach’s alpha: average of 0.78.

Are you ready for certification?

To use the PeopleTools Big6 Personality Profile, you need to be certified in PeopleTools’ Profiling Tools. With one certification, you get access to all PeopleTools’ Profile Tools.

We regularly hold certifications in both Jutland and Zealand, where we prepare you to use the profile in practice.

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