Complete toolbox for assessment - Personality test and cognitive test


Create certainty in recruitment, focus on leadership and employee development, and strengthen team collaboration

PeopleTools has an attractive business model that financially makes it easy and flexible for HR consultants, external consultants and HR management to choose and start using a (new) personality testing tool. The person profiles are dialog-based and are characterized by practical and managerial language that is easy to understand.

With us you get…

  • Profiling tools with high validity and high reliability
  • Training on how to use our profiles in your own business
  • Help with personal assessment in recruitment cases
  • Tools to support management teams and other teams in leveraging their resources
  • Sparring when you need it

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Profile tools

The PeopleTools toolbox consists of 4 Danish-developed personality profiles in 5 different languages and the PeopleTools Cognitive test. The profiles are based on evidence-based personality theories, empirical research and years of practical experience in unfolding human potential through dialog.


At PeopleTools, we train and certify you in using our various profile tools for e.g. recruitment, talent development, leadership development and team development. As a certified PeopleTools assessor, you can provide a professional, respectful and value-adding personal assessment.

Consulting services

With more than 25 years of experience, PeopleTools consultants are naturally experts in using the profile tools. We offer our expertise in the form of personal assessment consultancy in recruitment and development processes for management groups and teams.

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