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Because insight into your own behavior is especially important when leading others

Whether in a small, medium or large organization, the expectations of a leader are high. The leader must set the direction, create results, motivate their employees and show the way forward. At the same time, a leader must develop talent, communicate in a way that takes into account the different employees, and get teams to work together efficiently and smoothly. Yes, the list of tasks seems endless.

Over the years, there has been a growing awareness that it is often the leader’s way of being a leader and not the professional qualifications that determine success in the job. The professional qualifications are merely prerequisites. Personality, on the other hand, is the foundation of a leader’s way of being a leader.

While it can be difficult to define what makes a good leader and leadership style, the importance of good leadership cannot be overstated. The difference between good and bad leadership is not only reflected in employee performance and well-being, but also in the organization’s bottom line. Just like focusing on employee development and performance optimization, leadership development should also be a focal point in any organization. The PeopleTools Leader Profile is the key to focusing on leadership performance and continuously assessing quality.

Use the Leader Profile if you want to...

  • Help leaders gain deeper insights and give them a starting point to work on their leadership behavior
  • Give managers a basis for increasing the value of their efforts to their key stakeholders
  • Link the manager evaluation to the company’s leadership foundation with the most important competency requirements for managers
  • Have a strong HR tool for continuous competence development of the manager
  • Ensure that the manager-employee relationship is working optimally, so it shows on the bottom line

Facts about the Leader Profile

Scope: 190 questions for the manager and 114 for respondents.

Target audience: Managers at all organizational levels

Answer: Approx. 20 min.

Feedback: 30 min. – 90 min. (depending on desired yield)

Reports: Profile charts, employees’ anonymous ratings of the leader on the profile factors and 16 essential leadership competencies

Introduction: 1 day – assumes you are certified in PeopleTools Big6

PeopleTools Leader Profile is a unique 360-degree profiling tool

The PeopleTools Leader Profile is a development tool, a 360° profile that uncovers the manager’s/key person’s resources, competencies and development areas. The manager evaluation is based partly on the manager’s own self-perception and partly on relevant employees’ (from multiple levels in the company) concrete experiences of the manager. This provides an in-depth picture of the manager’s strengths, weaknesses and development potential.

How is the Leader Profile created?

The basis for the Leader Profile is a PeopleTools Big6 completed by the leader themselves, as well as an assessment from the leader’s manager, employees, colleagues or other relevant stakeholders.

The profile is therefore based on concrete knowledge rather than assumptions, providing a holistic view of everything from performance to strengths and weaknesses. Since the profile also delves into the underlying personality traits, the Leader Profiling is action-oriented.

What’s special about the PeopleTools Leader Profile?

What’s unique about the PeopleTools Leader Profile is that it not only results in an assessment with some overall results, but also allows you to dive into the personal factors behind the often complex leadership competencies and behaviors of the leader.

The leader profile doesn’t just highlight whether the leader scores high or low on a particular leadership competency, but also why. For example, low delegability can be caused by several factors: the manager may have a lot of trust in their employees, be very detail-oriented or want the final say. Only when you get to the root causes of low delegability can managers take real action to address the problem. This means that the manager gains both knowledge about their own tools and a starting point for working on their leadership behavior.

From strategic development to practice: The Leadership Profile as a development tool

PeopleTools’ Leader Profile is a tool that makes the leadership development process knowledge-based. The profile is aimed at and intended for leaders across organizational levels. It’s the combination of the profile tool and a carefully planned leadership development process that makes the difference. Profiling without consequences is a waste. The same goes for a leadership development process that is not based on valid and nuanced information about the leader’s competencies and the factors behind them. The combination, on the other hand – it works.

The profile gives managers a basis for increasing the value of their efforts in the organization. Stakeholders don’t rate the manager on scales that say whether the manager is good or bad. They provide nuanced feedback on manager behavior. This feedback can be explored in depth based on PeopleTools’ personality traits and personal competencies. The profile shows not only what employees are experiencing, but what deeper personality traits in the leader may be derived from.

What is the impact and value of a Leader Profile?

Because the PeopleTools Leadership Profile is action-oriented, the value and impact will often be clear. It gives the manager deeper insight and gives him/her a starting point to work on his/her leadership behavior. This will give the manager a basis for increasing the value of their efforts to their key stakeholders. At the same time, it will increase understanding between managers and employees so that the relationship works optimally – even in challenging times.

The leadership profile is an important dialogue tool between leader and organization. Both for the ongoing dialog about good leadership and as a tool for competence development of the individual manager as tasks, frameworks and success criteria change.

Are you ready for certification?

Are you ready for certification?

To use the PeopleTools Leader Profile, you must be certified in the PeopleTools Profile tools. With one certification, you get access to all PeopleTools’ Profile Tools.

We regularly hold certifications in both Jutland and Zealand, where we prepare you to use the profile in practice.

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