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Good collaboration is strengthened by knowing each other’s preferences and work behaviors

When it comes to keeping up in a demanding, competitive and constantly evolving market, companies and organizations need to be able to fully utilize and leverage the skills and qualifications of their employees. That’s why effective teamwork and strong collaboration are essential. Because when you’re able to combine and leverage each other’s strengths and differences, you have a much greater chance of success.

One of the prerequisites for good collaboration is understanding, accepting and appreciating that people are different with different professional and personal skills – and that these differences are a resource that can and should be utilized. Knowing each other’s preferences and work behaviors makes for good collaboration.

Use PeopleTools Fundamental6 if you want to...

  • Strengthen collaboration and increase the theme’s potential in the task solution for the benefit of the organization
  • Strengthen individual employee development and well-being
  • Use valid personality tests as a basis for future action plans to improve team collaboration and performance
  • Make it easy for individuals to work on their own profile through an awareness of their own strengths and any development opportunities in the group

Facts about PeopleTools Fundamental6

Scope: 82 questions

Target audience: Teams at all organizational levels – and in both small and large groups

Answer: Approx. 15 min.

Reports: Profile charts, team roles and overall team profile

Introduction: 1 day – assumes you are certified in PeopleTools Big6

Collaboration and teamwork: Create the best conditions for successful team performance

When we work in teams, the goal is for the end result of the project to be better (or the task completed faster/more efficiently/more creatively) than if only one person was working on the same task. The Collaboration Profile is a profiling tool that supports a group in achieving shared results by giving the group a common language around their strengths and development potential.

Our starting point is that team members need to understand themselves and each other. The collaboration profile helps the group articulate why one person chooses to work in a certain way while others prefer a different way of working, and what impact this difference has on collaboration and efficiency. In addition, the Collaboration Profile provides a good insight into what it takes to optimize collaboration.

Through constructive dialog and practical application of this knowledge, a foundation is created to increase group well-being, efficiency and relationships. Having a common language and framework of understanding helps to increase awareness of communication between members and each individual’s role in the team.

PeopleTools Fundamental6's uses and benefits

The PeopleTools Fundamental6 profile has many uses, and not just to strengthen an existing group’s collaboration. The profile tool can be used when putting together well-functioning teams, starting new collaborations in projects and teams, developing existing groups or preventively in connection with major changes that can affect the relationships in the group.

At the same time, profiling tools can be applied to teams at all organizational levels, even very small groups with 2 or 3 members.

Each member of the group gains knowledge and insight about themselves and can then better take responsibility for their own actions for the benefit of the group’s well-being and efficiency: “What can I do to make the team better?”.

In addition, the PeopleTools Fundamental6 profile can be used in recruitment. The group’s shared profile can be used as a starting point to determine which personal factors and competencies the group needs to strengthen.

Suggestions for using PeopleTools Fundamental6

  • Composition of teams
  • Team development, optimizing team collaboration and improving team performance
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution if a conflict has reached a deadlock
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration
  • Determine personal competencies in a team
  • How to build a well-functioning team
  • Manage and work through the challenges that typically arise when team members are different
  • Creates clarity about own resources and how they can best be used in the team
  • Gain more insight and understanding of what each team member brings to the table and what motivates them.

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Is it worth using team profiles?

Considering that the difference between the results achieved in a well-functioning group compared to a less well-functioning one can easily exceed 25% or 50%, using 2-5% of a group’s working time for collaboration training, equivalent to 4-10 days/year, is fully justified. However, in many cases, less will do, e.g. three days of training at the start of the group and 1-2 days of training per group. years later.

Read how the Profile has helped HedeDanmark work better together

Are you ready for certification?

To use the Collaboration Profile, you must be certified in PeopleTools’ Profile Tools. With one certification, you get access to all PeopleTools’ Profile Tools.

We regularly hold certifications in both Jutland and Zealand, where we prepare you to use the profile in practice.

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