PeopleTools Cognitive (PTC)


PeopleTools Cognitive is an adaptive cognitive test that measures a test person’s potential to perform in a position based on cognitive abilities. The tasks the test subject is presented with provide a statistical measurement of key aspects of the test subject’s intelligence, cognitive capacity and working memory. The test provides an indication of the ability to absorb and perceive information, adapt to changing conditions and demands, solve problems and process complex information.

Use PeopleTools Cognitive if you want to...

  • Assess a person’s cognitive abilities in relation to job performance
  • Have a statistical measurement of key aspects of test subjects’ intelligence and cognitive capacity
  • Increase recruitment accuracy with a valid indication of candidates’ cognitive capacity
  • Match a candidate’s cognitive abilities with the cognitive requirements of the position
  • Have a simple and clear tool that is managed online
  • Have a standards-based tool that allows candidates to be assessed objectively

Facts about PeopleTools Cognitive

  • Scope: Measurement in three different areas of intelligence
  • Target audience: Everyone
  • Application: Used in all types of tasks where it is relevant to assess a person’s cognitive abilities in relation to current and future task performance, e.g. recruitment, talent programs, outplacement, development programs and leadership development
  • Response: 24 minutes
  • Feedback: Individual
  • Certification: Requires certification
  • Administration: Web-based (no special installations required): tests are sent and answered online
  • Language: Danish, English (November 2021)

What is PeopleTools Cognitive?

PeopleTools Cognitive is a nuanced tool for testing cognitive abilities via abstract, verbal and numerical tasks. The test measures with a focus on fluid intelligence and works with the well-known IQ scale, where the average score is 100.

The test subject is measured against a norm of Danish responses and is 100% web-based.

What does PeopleTools Cognitive consist of?

PeopleTools Cognitive is adaptive and thus developed according to some of the most modern testing theories. It consists of 12 different task types.

Research shows that verbal intelligence and short-term memory have a strong correlation to performance in complex job situations.

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