360⁰ HR metrics

360⁰ HR metrics – a tool that is 100% customizable to your needs

PeopleTools has one of the best tools on the market for HR analytics and HR metrics, as well as 360-degree leadership assessments. Here you have the opportunity to design your own surveys/evaluations, either on your own or together with us, with any number of questions, respondent groups and report formats.

Use HR metrics if you want to...

  • Have a tool that is 100% customizable to you and your business needs
  • Conduct leadership assessments 100% based on the company’s own leadership foundation
  • Have a flexible tool for personal development and organizational improvement
  • Minimize the time spent on evaluations and have easy-to-understand reports

Facts about HR metrics

Scope: Depending on need

Target audience: All levels of the organization

Answer: Individually – depending on the scope of the measurement

Feedback: Individual

Reports: Multiple report designs depending on your needs

Certification: No certification required

What are PeopleTools 360⁰ HR metrics?

With PeopleTools 360 Leadership Assessment, feedback from respondents to the focus person is collected in a clear and efficient report. Here you can provide feedback on the focus person’s behavior, skills and performance. In the case of the leadership assessment, it can be based on either the PeopleTools competency model or the company’s own leadership model. The leadership assessment can also be built based on the principles of the Leadership Pipeline and the Public Leadership Pipeline.

PeopleTools 360⁰ HR metrics can be used for traditional HR metrics such as

  • Wellbeing surveys
  • Employee efficiency and satisfaction
  • WPA analyzes

As well as more advanced HR metrics like:

  • Leader measurement and leader evaluation
  • Seller evaluation
  • Evaluation of management teams
  • Measuring team performance

The measurement can be based on the company’s strategic focus, culture and desired reporting. The tools can be delivered in 100% customized solutions to suit each business.

Why use PeopleTools 360?

PeopleTools 360 is a value-adding tool for personal development and organizational improvement. The tool is flexible and allows for a free number of questions and measurement areas to provide a broad and objective assessment of the focus person. You can use any number of respondents or groups you want.

Create your own questionnaire based on your focus areas or use one of the ready-made questionnaires that are ready to use. We have proven templates and products that can be used in whole or in part by companies that don’t have – or don’t want – their own models. We customize the report to your needs.

The PeopleTools tools can integrate several of your company’s metrics, so you don’t have to do a well-being survey, APV, manager evaluation, etc. at different times with different tools.

What do you get out of using 360º HR metrics?

Benefits of the tools

  • Well-structured, flexible system with easy-to-understand analytics reports.
  • Easy customization and minimized time consumption.
  • Differentiated and accurate feedback.
  • Powerful development tools that are easily communicated.

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